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TIME WARNER SETUP INSTRUCTIONS for Microsoft Outlook to migrate from Insight to TWC

Time Warner Registration information: Follow instructions provided by Time Warner via email

Email: LloydFoe@twc.com
Password: ********
Webmail: https://webmail.twc.com webmail.roadrunner.com
TWC Portal: TWCcentral.com

Time Warner telephone numbers: 502.357.4400 855.821.7018

Microsoft Outlook Email Setup
Turn off SSL
Incoming mail: mail.twc.com
Outgoing mail: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com

Follow the screen shots

 (Time Warner has been changing some of their settings.) So, if this does not work for you delete the account start […]

Tips for Microsoft Excel

I am currently a student at UofL, and it is typical that my professors impinge upon my ability to ignore certain pieces of software, specifically Microsoft Excel.  Almost everyone who works in an office uses (or could use) Excel, and some of us have a bit more time to learn the program than others (and […]