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HP LaserJet Enterprise M601n Review

This week, Laser Technology reviews the HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 series M601n.  Featuring print speeds of up to 45 ppm and HP’s ePrint, this printer is worth a look.  Also new this week is our Partners page, where we’ve included a list of some of our favorite companies to work with locally.  You can visit […]

Recycling Papers – Update

In the U.S.A. 5 million tons per year of paper are recycled!  Your household papers, scrap from the paper industry, and office papers are all good sources for the fibers needed to make new paper products. Back in the 90’s paper producers accelerated their usage of paper fibers, reducing the reliance on wood pulp.
Over 140,000 […]

My Windows 8 Experience

Recently, I had the good fortune to acquire a shiny new solid state drive.  My new drive happens to be a Sata3 drive, a Kingston HyperX drive capable of reaching read speeds of 555 MB/s (which is very fast).  Like most nerds would be, I was quite dissatisfied when I couldn’t utilize Sata3 with Windows […]