HP launches voice activated printing
February 5, 2018

The OEM has become the first printer company to introduce voice activated printing, using Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
As Sarah Murry of The Garage reveals, HP “believes the consumer printer market is ripe for voice integration, making it the first print hardware company to roll out voice support for its […]

Transforming waste toner into iron

Transforming waste toner into iron
November 16, 2017
By The Recycler Magazine

A group of researchers have revealed that they have found a way to transform the residual powder left behind in empty toner cartridges into iron.
According to the American Chemical Society, there is a possibility that in the future “left-over toner in discarded printer cartridges could have […]

Microsoft updates cause problems on Epson printers

Microsoft updates cause problems on Epson printers
November 20, 2017
By Recycler Magazine

(Copyright: Ghacks Technology)

Microsoft confirmed last week that its November 2017 Windows updates caused some Epson printers to malfunction.
Ghacks.net reported last week that Microsoft has confirmed that its November 2017 updates for Windows “affect the printing functionality of some Epson printer models.”
As a result, print jobs on the […]