TIME WARNER SETUP INSTRUCTIONS for Microsoft Outlook to migrate from Insight to TWC

  • Time Warner Registration information: Follow instructions provided by Time Warner via email
    • Email: LloydFoe@twc.com
    • Password: ********
    • Webmail: https://webmail.twc.com webmail.roadrunner.com
    • TWC Portal: TWCcentral.com
  • Time Warner telephone numbers: 502.357.4400 855.821.7018
    • Microsoft Outlook Email Setup
    • Turn off SSL
    • Incoming mail: mail.twc.com
    • Outgoing mail: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
      • Follow the screen shots
    •  (Time Warner has been changing some of their settings.) So, if this does not work for you delete the account start over and  change the Outgoing mail to: mail.twc.com.  The rest will be the same.
Change Email Account settings

1. After selecting to change your E-mail account, you will see this screen. Enter your own settings where appropriate.

Enter the email address title

2. Enter the email address title, which can be whatever you choose.

Outgoing Server Settings

3. Select the Outgoing Server tab, and enter your settings similarly.

Connection settings

4. Select the connection tab, and select to connect using LAN.

Port Settings

5. Select the Advanced tab and make sure your incoming and outgoing ports match.

**These are settings for laptops and smart phones
**For Insight the settings were: 995 for Incoming and 465 for Outgoing
**For TWC the settings are: 110 for Incoming and 587 for Outgoing
For desktop the settings are: 110 for Incoming and 25 for Outgoing