Samsung moves customer warranty to HP

Samsung moves customer warranty to HP

October 30, 2017

Article by: The Recycler Magazine


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Samsung has published a notice to customers, explaining that it will be transferring its basic and extended warranties to HP as Samsung hands over its printer business.

Over the course of 2016/17, The Recycler has regularly reported on various aspects of the HP-Samsung deal, which was approved by Samsung shareholders in October 2016 and cleared by the European Commission, CCI and China over the last few months – though with some restrictions on China’s part.

The deal was first confirmed by HP in September 2016, when the OEM confirmed it would buy Samsung’s printer business for $1.05 billion (€932.8 million) and take on 6,000 Samsung employees.

Most recently, China approved the deal, while imposing certain curbs, with the country’s Ministry of Commerce issuing a statement saying that “the sale of A4 format laser printers by HP in China should be done on “fair and reasonable” terms and the firm must report every six months on their prices and related data to the ministry”. In addition, the Ministry said that HP must buy no other stakes in A4 manufacturers in the country “even if they are a minority equity investment.”

Now, as part of the sale of Samsung’s printer business, the OEM has published a notice to customers on the Support section of the company website, explaining that “we will need to transfer certain information across to HP” to “ensure that you will continue to be able to use the basic and extended warranty to be provided by HP after HP takes over the business.”

The notice continued, “As part of this move, we will need to transfer the following information to HP, which does not constitute personal data of customers. We are well aware that your consent is required before transferring of any of your personal data.”

Customers who have any concerns have been given the following number to ring:

Samsung Electronics Customer Service Hotline  3698 4698 or alternatively, they can contact the company via this email address:

Samsung Warranty