Samsung launches B2B Printing Software

March 23, 2016

SamsungLogo_AP_23April1The OEM’s software package, produced alongside Nuance, aims to “make printing easier” for businesses.

ZDNet reported on the three new packages from Samsung and Nuance, which are said to make document printing “easier in a business world overflowing with different types of devices, file formats and printing needs”. The first is Equitrac, which comes in Office and Express versions, and which is a “print management software solution that allows businesses to print what they need regardless of location”, rerouting documents to nearby printers through “pull-printing”.

The Equitrac package also helps reduce “IT complexities” by “removing dependencies on print servers and complex print fleets”. Samsung’s second solution, AutoStore, is an electronic document capture programme that “automatically recognises and stores various types” of documents, including PDFs and files from MFPs, smartphones, copiers and scanners. Finally, SafeCom helps “consolidate and standardise different types of printing jobs” without additional printer drivers, and can also “reduce printing budgets by restricting printer access to only authenticated users”.

Samsung and Nuance partnered last year, with the aim of distributing “document imaging solutions within Samsung’s printing business”, and first started working together when the latter provided voice recognition software to the OEM. Nuance calls itself the “world’s leading output solution company”, and holds over 58 percent market share in the imaging software document and MFP space.

David Song, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of the Printing Solutions Business, commented: “Samsung is continuing to expand cooperation with the world’s leading vendors to develop software offering specialised and customised solutions to improve workflow. B2B customers will be able to purchase solutions and services optimised for their business directly with Samsung printing devices.”