Our New Online Store and What to Expect

We at Laser Technology are excited to announce our new online store front!  If you’ve been to our webpage, you have undoubtedly seen the progress of some of our changes as we’ve been setting up and live testing our store.  Everything online has passed our tests and is up to muster, most importantly our core shopping cart features (especially security).  This means that you can safely purchase products on our website right now.

So, why did we change, and why does it still look a bit messy if we are done?  To answer the second question first – we are not done.  Our new shopping cart is directly under our control; we aren’t outsourcing it.  This allows us so much more freedom that it is really mind boggling – we have so much to do, and so much space to do it in.  We are working currently to add over 100,000 products to our cart, and to organize these items.  This is no mean feat, and will take us a little while.  Why then did we leave our previous shopping cart?  The cart we were using hurt our ability to provide competitively priced items in a user-friendly manner.  We weren’t free to make it work better in the way we knew was right.  It wasn’t the best we could offer you, and to us that is tantamount to failure.

Our current cart has rough edges.  Our categories are messy, our images are (in most cases) missing, we have a paltry 4500 items for sale.  This isn’t what we want, but it is a stepping stone to something much better.  So, expect the site to change more.  Expect to see more products, better organization, more deals, and more features.  Right now, the sky is the limit, and while we continue to improve your shopping experience, we want your feedback more than ever.  If you like something, or liked something that’s gone, tell us.  If you think something stinks, please tell us.  Your feedback is critical to the decisions we are making to improve the store.  If you leave us a comment below, or send us an email here, we will be that much closer to having an awesome store.  Don’t forget, our full catalog is always available over the phone or through the contact forms on this website, and a representative is always happy to help.

Thanks for 25 great years and counting!