E-Waste Recycled at Laser Technology!

Laser Technology recycles E-Waste!  Just bring your e-waste to 111 W. Main Street, La Grange, KY  and we will recycle it.

Did you know:


  • Over 80% of all printer and fax machine cartridges are THROWN AWAY! These empty cartridges are a needless threat to our environment.
  • More than 3 quarts of oil are required to produce each new cartridge. In just 7 months, cartridge remanufacturing will save 11 million gallons of oil.
  • Over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal are saved from landfills each year as a result of cartridge remanufacturing. The cartridge used in each printer takes more than a millennium to decompose. Remanufacturers salvage and restore enough cartridges each year to equal the height of a 120-story building.
  • It is estimated that 100 million laser printer cartridges and 400 million inkjet printer cartridges are produced each year. Remanufacturing these 500 million cartridges would save an estimated 4 million cubic square feet of landfill space.  E-Recycling helps reduce this waste and makes for a healthier environment.

We will recycle any item with a circuit board at our La Grange, KY location.

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