Featured Printers

In our featured printers section, you will find a growing catalog of printers that highlights the performance, cost, availability, and other important information for a printer.  These pages contain links to drivers, the manufacturer’s website, and other basic information.  All of our featured printers are printers that our staff have worked with, and come with insights on their function, and problems you might expect to see.

We review both new and old laser printers, since many people’s needs can be best satisfied by an older, used model printer.  Newer printers print faster, and are typically more efficient, and quieter, as is the nature of technology.  These features can come at quite a premium, however, so new printers aren’t for everybody.  Our featured printer section is a new feature to our website, and we encourage requests for different printers to review, and comments on your experience with printers we have reviewed.  Thank you for your help!

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