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US electronics recycler convicted for e-waste dumping.

US electronics recycler convicted for e-waste dumping
December 28, 2012
From The Recycler Magazine article:
Executive Recycling illegally exported e-waste to developing countries before being found out by Basel Action Network and CBS News.
Basel Action Network (BAN) has reported on the conviction of two executives at the recycling company after the environmental watchdog uncovered evidence it had been […]

Lifehacker on Keyboard Shortcuts

Lifehacker, a website that posts tips that make your life easier, has posted a great article about keyboard shortcuts, why you should use them, and how to learn them (even if you think they are hard).  If you’ve never been to Lifehacker before, or don’t use keyboard shortcuts much, you should definitely check this article […]

Lexmark to stop making inkjet printers

Aug. 28, 2012 (12:30 pm) By: Matthew Humphries
Yesterday Sony announced that it was closing down its optical drive manufacturing facilities due to increased competition meaning Optiarc was operating at a loss. A day later and Lexmark is sighting similar reasons for its decision to exit the inkjet printer business.
Lexmark has announced that all inkjet printer […]

Browser Wars

To many modern office workers, words like Web Standards Compliant, Open Source, Closed Source, and Community Support don’t mean much.  They don’t represent things we have to be afraid of, so we don’t always pay too much attention.  As some of you may know, these words have a lot to do with internet browsers, and […]

News From The Better Business Bureau on Scammers

Scammers launched a particularly widespread phishing campaign this morning using the BBB brand, and targeting consumers and business owners. Our parent organization, the Council of Better Business Bureaus, is receiving samples of these emails by the hundreds each hour.
The emails claim the recipient’s company has been the subject of a complaint, and asks […]